Children's Hospital Blackbaud CRM Data Conversion

Converting Data from The Raiser's Edge® to Blackbaud CRM

Data conversion is a critical, and often difficult, component of Blackbaud CRM implementation. JCA recently helped a large children’s hospital move their data from The Raiser’s Edge® to Blackbaud CRM. The challenges this client asked JCA to address included:

They knew that conversion quality was a key component to the project’s overall success. They asked JCA to help analyze data sets and identify areas where converted data required further review.

Understanding Both Systems: Source and Target

JCA’s database experts worked with the client’s data mapping rules, the original source data, and the converted CRM data to perform a validation of key system areas. Our analysis highlighted where specific review was needed, enabling our client to understand more about their converted data and how their mapping decisions caused records to appear in the new system. JCA’s work uncovered areas where refinement was necessary, and over the course of the data conversion iterations, the conversion results became more accurate.

During data conversion, an organization relies on the expertise of the conversion analyst to decide how to transform old data to new formats. A systematic review requires technical expertise, because row-by-row review doesn’t work with millions of records. But technical expertise alone is not enough, because a thorough understanding of the source and target data structure along with the client’s particular mapping decisions is necessary. JCA’s methodology complements an organization’s standard review of key accounts by adding a complete analysis of records.

How JCA Helped

For this children’s hospital, we made sure data went where it was supposed to go, and nothing was left behind. Around data conversion and testing, JCA can:

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