Success Story

Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh

Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh Improves Reporting with JCA Answers™ for The Raiser's Edge®

The Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, comprising Carnegie Museum of Art, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Carnegie Science Center, and The Andy Warhol Museum, has been using JCA Answers for The Raiser’s Edge and Siriusware since 2013.

Carnegie recently struggled to automate campaign reporting and find a way to quickly and confidently generate and distribute Raiser's Edge reports on a regular basis. Cari Maslow, Senior Director, Donor Relations and Membership, sought out a solution. She brought her challenges to JCA and became a beta testing partner for the latest release of JCA Answers for The Raiser’s Edge.

Challenges with The Raiser's Edge

Carnegie receives one-third of their operating money at the end of their fiscal year in December. Because of this, it's essential that Carnegie's fundraisers set monthly campaign goals so that they can more accurately track their progress and make projections throughout the year. However, The Raiser's Edge only allows organizations to track a single campaign goal. This made it impossible for Carnegie to pull any type of meaningful fundraising progress report they needed from The Raiser's Edge.

Although time-consuming, Cari developed and implemented a manual process to share monthly progress with her colleagues. Her multi-step process required her to code gifts to a specific fiscal month, run a query to pull gift information from that month, attribute dollars to campaigns and enter all of this data into spreadsheets that also captured monthly campaign goals. At the end of the month, she distributed reports showing progress toward individual campaign goals. This was an arduous process that consumed many hours of Cari's time, taking her away from strategic management responsibilities, but it had to be done in order to give fundraisers a realistic sense of how they were progressing throughout the year.

A Time-Saving Improvement

When Carnegie adopted the latest release of JCA Answers in the summer of 2015, Cari was able to add her monthly goal information so that it appeared directly in JCA Answers. Because JCA Answers supplies the gift information she needs, she can easily track progress toward those monthly goals, immediately and automatically. Cari sets up the reports she needs just once and JCA Answers delivers the data her colleagues need to stay on track.

With JCA Answers operating effectively, Cari’s next step is to set up daily emails to line managers with reports showing everything that’s come in up to the day. Fundraisers will receive a detailed list of gifts received during the last month, as well as a complete list of gifts collected throughout the year. With these reports, Cari's colleagues can regularly track their progress against their monthly goals without having to wait for Cari to manually compile reports at the end of the month.

JCA Answers helped Carnegie Museums ...

Cari feels a tremendous sense of relief having JCA Answers in place. Previously, if she wasn't in the office, staff struggled to find and pull information they needed to evaluate progress towards goals. With JCA Answers, Cari automates distribution so reports go out without requiring any manual work. She’s able to share information across the organization at a pace that was never realistic before and Carnegie is in a better position to gauge how their fundraising is doing.