Touring Engine

Power Your Revenue Planning

Forget the spreadsheets—access touring Broadway sales data from multiple markets in one centralized system.

Developed by JCA, Touring Engine is the first software available to theatrical presenters that tracks historical touring Broadway ticketing data from multiple markets within one data warehouse. The system extracts ticket and performance data from a variety of ticketing systems, and delivers powerful charts and graphs to users via an elegant cloud-based interface.  

Touring Engine 2.jpg

Touring Engine is ticketing-system agnostic and automatically loads data—allowing you to spend more time planning revenue for your engagement and less time organizing spreadsheets.

By using Touring Engine, you will be able to: 

  • Compare productions. Set expectations by seeing how your engagement compares to runs in other markets. 
  • Forecast revenue. See capacities sold, gross potential achieved, break outs by subs vs. singles, and more to maximize your revenue.
  • Anticipate demand. See when ticket sales took off in other markets by viewing sales curves and speed-of-sales reports. 
  • Save time. Skip the data exchange hassle: just log in, and dynamically filter to find the data that you need. 

The Touring Engine is just one of several technical solutions offered by JCA Arts Marketing. Talk to us about everything we do to help arts & cultural organizations succeed.

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