Tessitura Dashboards

Easily monitor your Tessitura data

At-a-glance progress toward goals

Using data from T-Stats, Tessitura Dashboards provide at-a-glance insight into your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). JCA designed Dashboards for Tessitura, and we also offer custom widgets, staff trainings, and application installations for our clients. Now, our clients easily monitor crucial data with visualizations that inspire action.

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Tessitura Dashboards offer at-a-glance visualizations.

Succinct, flexible, and intuitive

Tessitura Dashboards are powerful tools that guide strategic decisions for achieving your mission. They're invaluable to Tessitura users because they're:

  • Simple – Create as many dashboards as you need, using an attractive and intuitive user interface.
  • Adaptable – Users choose and configure their own suite of widgets, to view data they need to deliver excellence.
  • Clear – View sales and contribution information as bar graphs, trend lines, and other easy-to-interpret visualizations.
  • Accessible – Use them inside the Tessitura application, or from anywhere with a web browser. Even colleagues who don't use Tessitura can use Tessitura Dashboards!
  • Strategic – Monitor your key objectives and initiatives, and adjust strategies to achieve goals.
  • Actionable – Widgets are designed to answer your particular questions, and empower you to act.
  • Customizable – From simple adjustments to completely custom widgets, we equip your Tessitura Dashboard to capture the data you need from all of your enterprise systems.

T-Stats™ and Tessitura Dashboards™ complete the Business Intelligence solution for Tessitura®, and are included as part of a Tessitura license. Tessitura-certified since 2002, JCA helps organizations use Tessitura to its full potential with ongoing support, enhancement, and customizations for T-Stats.

Email t-stats@jcainc.com to learn more about T-Stats, or to talk to us about support.

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