Discover opportunities in your Tessitura data.

T-Stats™ is business intelligence for Tessitura

Tessitura-certified since 2002, JCA helps organizations fully utilize T-Stats with ongoing support, enhancements, and customizations. Dive confidently into your Tessitura data to understand donors, members, ticket buyers, and more. When you fully leverage T-Stats, you can track success, uncover opportunities, and spot trends as they happen.

Better reports = better business decisions

With T-Stats, you can quickly query, browse, and report on constituent activity in your Tessitura database.

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Better reports equals better decisions

A deeper understanding of your targets' activities

T-Stats is a complete, customizable data warehouse to coalesce data from all of your enterprise systems. It integrates with Tessitura through Tessitura List Manager, and includes six Microsoft Analysis Services data cubes:

  • Contributions–Provides data on the contribution rows found in Tessitura's Constituent Module/Contributions tab
  • Memberships–Provides data in regards to all memberships that exist in Tessitura
  • Packages–Provides data for all packages that are sold in Tessitura
  • Plans–Provides data for all plans set up in Tessitura
  • Seats–Provides seat inventory and sales data for all seats sold and unsold across all performances in Tessitura
  • Tickets–Provides ticket sales data for all tickets sold through Tessitura

Email t-stats@jcainc.com to learn more about increasing revenue with T-Stats.

T-Stats™ and Tessitura Dashboards™ complete the business intelligence solution for Tessitura®, and are included as part of a Tessitura license.