T-Stats™ customizations

We'll make it work for you.

Want to tweak T-Stats for unique situations?

If you can imagine it, we can build it. JCA customizes T-Stats and Tessitura Dashboards, dovetailing our resources with yours for an ideal solution. We help our Tessitura clients with customizations, including the following:

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Build an ideal solution with JCA's T-Stats customization service

  • Additional T-Stats measures for embedded fees, dynamic pricing, and more
    T-Stats can show you how much in total your patrons paid for their tickets. If you want to layer your price maps, and see how much of that total went to facility fees, dynamic pricing, or another Tessitura price category, JCA has created custom measures that calculate ticket amounts for specific price categories.
  • Museum Attendance cube
    One of our clients needed to capture data for customers who purchased tickets to multiple exhibits, on the same day. We built a custom Attendance Cube for T-Stats to analyze ticket sales for an attendance-based perspective of patron activities. The cube also includes data on weather for that day, daily attendance goals, and student grade-level statistics.
  • Tracking and reporting in T-Stats by postal code for quick-sale/anonymous orders
    Ever perform a T-Stats analysis by postal code, only to discover the results don't include the postal codes of your quick-sale customers? JCA helped a museum client dramatically increase postal code data accuracy by tracking it on a custom order field. We wrote code to migrate the data into T-stats for analysis alongside data from full customer records.
  • Nth show, dollar, and ticket fields (i.e. Is this my customer's 1st, 5th, or 6th show?)
    We worked with a client to analyze customer frequency, monetary value, and loyalty by adding "Nth Show," "Nth Ticket Range," and "Nth Dollar Range" attributes to T-Stats. These fields categorize each ticket sale by whether it represents the 1st, 5th, or 6th, etc. show/ticket/dollar for a given customer. Now, our client can see how many customers at a given performance are seeing a show at their organization for the 1st time, the 100th time, or any other time. We added "Nth Ticket Change" and "Nth Dollar Change" to identify ticket purchases that pushed a customer to a new threshold and a new range.
  • Widgets and cubes reporting on data from other databases
    For another museum client, we built custom widgets to monitor humidity throughout their facility, and added the widgets to their Tessitura Dashboard. 

Whatever your customization needs may be, we'd love to talk to you about them. Contact us at t-stats@jcainc.com to start the conversation.

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