Discover opportunities in your Tessitura data.

T-Check is your Tessitura solution for diagnosing and fixing your technology issues

The JCA T-Check is a comprehensive Tessitura system health check and assessment designed for organizations with experience on the system that are now faced with:

JCA’s Tessitura experts will come onsite to meet with the organization’s stakeholders, staff, and technical team to analyze current procedures and data and develop optimization plan with prioritized and actionable recommendations.  Our proprietary data management tool has been enhanced over the past 15 years to automate data analysis, facilitate constituent deduping, and easily complete data updates.

What do you get?

The JCA T-Check will deliver a comprehensive report that includes:

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Better reports equals better decisions

Why JCA?

Did you know that JCA has completed more than 100 Tessitura implementations since 2002? Or that JCA developed T-Stats, the Revenue Management Application and other valuable Tessitura tools? With JCA you also benefit from our 30 years of experience guiding over 1500 nonprofits to maximize their technology and improve their business processes.  When you are ready for a fresh perspective, you can be confident that JCA is the most experienced independent consulting partner for Tessitura clients.

What to Expect

The JCA T-Check project starts with a meeting to review the current system usage and the overall technology ecosystem. Our consultant will come onsite for 2 days of meetings and assessment with Executive Leadership, Development, Ticketing, Marketing, Membership, and system administrators. Soon after the consultant will confirm the recommendations and provide the detailed T-Check report. A follow up meeting can be scheduled with leadership to review the plan and discuss next steps. 

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