Subscription & Membership Consulting

Optimize your loyalty strategy.

Develop effective programs to grow patron value and engagement

Our subscription and membership consulting uses in-depth database analysis and primary research to understand the behavior of your loyal patrons, determine the best loyalty program structure for your audience, and identify ideal prospects for subscription/membership. Our consulting aims to answer complicated questions you have around your loyalty programs, including:  

  • How do we identify ideal prospects for membership or subscription in our audience? 
  • What is the ideal mix of subscription offerings for our audience? 
  • Is membership a good idea for our organization, and if so, how should it be structured? 
  • What subscription/membership benefits do our patrons value? 
  • How do we grow revenue in the face of subscription/membership decline?

By answering these questions you will be able to create efficient loyalty programs that meet the interests of your audience while meeting your attendance, revenue, and engagement goals.

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Subscription & Membership Consulting is just one area of consulting services offered by JCA Arts Marketing.

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