Smart Revenue Management

Launch toward a stronger future, during and after COVID

Optimize your pricing, inventory, forecasting, and offers.

Get your income model in tip-top shape for reopening

Your income model needs to be in tip-top shape coming out of the pandemic to ensure that your organization will thrive in the new world. It’s a chance to reinvent and reinvigorate the way you generate audience engagement and revenue.

Revenue Management Consulting is available for performing arts organizations as well as museums and attractions.

We offer:

Revenue Management Consulting
If you need targeted, quick help to optimize your revenue, we offer short or medium-term consulting arrangements to meet your needs. This could take shape in a 90-minute session where we address a particular issue, or ongoing meetings to establish smart revenue management tactics. We'll work with you to find the best solution to fit your needs and your budget.  

Pricing Studies 
We believe an understanding of the rich data available from transaction records is fundamental to any arts organizations. We use this data to offer insight in the areas of demand and customer behavior in order to find the perfect price to maximize your revenue from both in-person and online experiences.

As COVID-19 will have changed customer behavior, our pricing studies we will help you sort out pricing and inventory management for the new world. This involves refining tactics such as house scaling (including social distancing), strategic discounting to incentivize returns, and dynamic pricing during the sales process.

Learn more about Pricing Studies and other pricing consulting available at JCA.

Income Forecasting
Predicting what’s going to happen in the future is difficult. This is especially true for the arts where demand is driven not by necessity, as is the case with something like air travel, but by wants and desires. So what’s the point in trying to forecast demand for forthcoming events or seasons? Well, forecasting allows you to provide annual goals, plan your sales cycle tactics, meet income expectations, allocate marketing spend appropriately, and communicate with the right audiences. 

Our income models help you to forecast accurately, playing out a variety of planning scenarios before committing to signing a deal or altering your ticketing system. Our models enable you to quickly compare competing titles, scaling, pricing and more using baseline comparators. Each model is customized to your organization.

The result is a fully bespoke income modeling tool, accessible in Excel and licensed annually, which will allow you to create commercially advantageous deals and quickly specify ticketing configuration with greater levels of accuracy. 

Subscription & Membership Consulting
Our subscription and membership consulting uses in-depth database analysis and primary research to understand the behavior of your loyal patrons, determine the best loyalty program structure for your audience, and identify ideal prospects for subscriptions or memberships. 

Learn more about our Subscription & Membership Consulting


These consulting options are starting points. We work with you to put together a bespoke support package that’s right for your situation and budget.

Start a Conversation
We’ll work with you to provide the support you need over the short or medium term. Our goal is to help steady the ship and equip your team to grow revenue in the future—not for you to be dependent on us.

If you would like to discuss how we can help, please click below to contact a consultant—we are always happy to talk.

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Revenue Management consulting is just one of several services offered by JCA Arts Marketing to help you recover from COVID-19


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