How The Segmentation Engine Works

Introducing JCA Arts Marketing!

How The Segmentation Engine Works

The Segmentation Engine for Tessitura combines your transaction and donor data to reveal new target groups for marketing. First, you'll create a customized list of of behavioral variables. Then, the app generates alternative segmentations, based on your behavioral variables, and creates tags which are imported back to the organization’s ticketing system to populate patron records with variables and segment information.

Effective arts organizations use behavioral segmenting to ...

  • Gain a better understanding of patron behavior to support strategic planning and goal setting for earned and unearned revenue
  • Create more effective, targeted communications, which in turn increase ROI
  • Surpass traditional segmentations using demographic overlays

Most other segmentation models are incomplete without behavioral data.

Developed by Baker Richards and JCA, The Segmentation Engine features user-friendly, intuitive graphics and pre-defined variables. Segment your database and improve ROI on communications by marketing to the right people, about the right things, at the right time.

Behavioral variables:
  • Identify patrons who usually book early, rather than "have ever" booked early
  • Find consistent "high-price" buyers
  • Discover cross-over attendeers to multiple events
Automated segmentations:
  • Create RFV (Recency/Frequency/Value) analysis without SQL
  • Segment your entire database based on actual behavior
Fully integrated with Tessitura
  • The engine sends constituent keywords to Tessitura for use in List Buildr
  • Includes T-Stats customization, allowing you to use segmentations in your analysis