Segmentation Engine

Audience segmentation made easy.

Reach your customers with messages that matter.

The Segmentation Engine puts your audience at the core of your marketing plans. By segmenting your audience according to your patrons' unique behaviors you can speak to the right people, at the right time, with the right message.

The result: more efficient marketing efforts and a more engaged audience. 

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Create highly targeted strategies and tactics with the Segmentation Engine.

Marketing, ticketing and development professionals use the Segmentation Engine to automatically create sophisticated customer segmentation, and generate higher marketing ROI from improved response rates and reduced costs.

By using the Segmentation Engine you can: 

- Create ready-made segments based on recency, frequency, and value. 
- Understand patron flow—from single-ticket buyer to subscriber and beyond. 
- Find at-risk audience members and build plans to engage them. 
- Score your repertoire to match patrons to upcoming programming. 

The Segmentation Engine is a web application jointly developed by JCA and UK-based Baker Richards, exclusively for Tessitura.

"Our customer segmentation drives our whole marketing strategy and the Segmentation Engine lets us take it to the next level!"
—Becky Loftus, Royal Shakespeare

Inspire your marketing

The Segmentation Engine is just one of several ground-breaking tactics offered by JCA Arts Marketing

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