Segmentation Engine

Using data to inspire marketing

Reach your customers with messages that matter

The Segmentation Engine is a web application that allows users to easily and quickly create a sophisticated audience, visitor or donor segmentation, improving the accuracy of communications and the effectiveness of CRM strategy. Jointly developed by JCA and UK-based Baker Richards, the Segmentation Engine reveals customer behaviors to inspire more successful marketing campaigns. 

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Create highly targeted strategies and tactics with the Segmentation Engine

The Segmentation Engine includes more than a dozen attendance, ticket, and donation variables that can be used in combination to measure the value of each patron in your database. Using daily ticketing and donation data, the engine updates patron value in real time. Marketing, ticketing and development professionals use the Segmentation Engine to automatically create sophisticated customer segmentation, and generate higher marketing ROI from improved response rates and reduced costs.

Inspire your marketing

The Segmentation Engine is just one of several ground-breaking tactics offered by JCA Arts Marketing

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In response to clients' needs for more targeted marketing, JCA developed the Segmentation Engine in conjunction with UK-based technology partner Baker Richards. JCA and Baker Richards also co-developed the Revenue Management Application (RMA) for Tessitura.