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Segmentation is a hot topic in the arts marketing world. Used properly, it can be the starting place for an air-tight marketing strategy that allows you to engage current and potential audience members with the right message at the right time. But many struggle with moving segmentation from the tactical to the strategic level. 

At JCA Arts Marketing, we help you find meaningful audience segments with potential for enhanced engagement, and help you develop strategies for each segment to help you reach your larger attendance and revenue goals. 

Segmentation consulting offerings include...

Custom Segmentation 

A custom segmentation allows you to identify and target key prospects in your database. It starts with an in-depth analysis of your patron's behavior (see "Customer Behavior Analysis" on Audience Research & Analysis) to determine the unique behavioral characteristics of your audience. 

We then employ a technique called "clustering," to group patrons together into segments of patrons who have statistically similar behavior. Finally, we define each segment for you and identify opportunities within each segment to move you toward your goals. 

The result is sophisticated and bespoke approach to segmentation allows you to create targeted communication strategies optimized for the known behavior and preferences of your audience. 

Segmentation Strategy

In this collaborative consulting project, we work together to design clear tactics, messaging, and timing to various segments of your audience. 

Strategies developed for each segment will influence patrons to: 

  • Come back to your organization
  • Buy tickets earlier
  • Increase frequency of attendance
  • Spend or donate more
  • Increase their party size

The result is an optimized segmentation strategy that will increase marketing efficiency and improve ROI. 

"For several years JCA Arts Marketing has provided the expertise and business intelligence tools we didn't know we needed. With their guidance, we have been able to understand and focus on market segments in a much more specific and targeted way."

 –Tasha Gandy, Director of Finance, Spoleto Festival USA

Segmentation Engine

The Segmentation Engine is the ideal software tool to integrate sophisticated segmentation strategy into your marketing campaigns. Using the Segmentation Engine you can:

  • Create ready-made segments based on recency, frequency, and value. 
  • Understand patron flow—from single-ticket buyer to subscriber and beyond. 
  • Find at-risk audience members and build plans to engage them. 
  • Score your repertoire to match patrons to upcoming programming.

Learn more about the Segmentation Engine. 

Are you confident in your segmentation strategy?

Sophisticated audience segmentation strategies allow you to target the right people at the right time with the right message. Without a strong strategy, you might be leaving money on the table. We can help. 

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