Revenue Management Application™ (RMA)

More than just a pricing tool.

Leverage your Tessitura data to boost revenue

The Revenue Management Application (RMA), developed in partnership with UK-based Baker Richards, is a highly flexible and easy-to-use suite of reports and tools designed to help you maximize income and attendance. The RMA works with your data in Tessitura, and is integrated with Tessitura Analytics. 

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Make educated pricing, house scaling, and revenue management decisions.

Organizations use the RMA to:

  • Increase Revenue. Our clients report at least a 2:1 ROI and have seen as high as 75:1.
  • Make strategic pricing decisions with ease, sophistication, and confidence. 
  • Build forecasts for full runs of productions in a matter of minutes.
  • Easily view available inventory and make plans to fill it.
  • Gain in-depth sales insights in seconds.

Plus, the new RMA version 6 (just released!) features:

  • RMA Dashboards in Tessitura Analytics. Access RMA reports directly from Tessitura Analytics!
  • A new user interface. An intuitive, modern design. 
  • New forecasting functionality. Create forecasts in a matter of minutes. 
  • Spare Inventory Reporting. Analyze and fill remaining inventory for upcoming performances. 

The RMA is the only integrated pricing application that gives arts organizations real-time insights into pricing strategy and revenue forecasting. We'll help you realize your investment many times over.

Worldwide, more than 80 organizations are licensed to use the RMA.

"In less than three years The Phoenix Symphony has generated over $1,000,000 in incremental revenue from the Revenue Management Application. With the RMA and support of a JCA retainer we have generated 10 - 15% of our single ticket revenue annually from dynamic pricing. The ROI on these tools cannot be beat"
—Todd Vigil, Chief Marketing Officer, The Phoenix Symphony

"Once we installed the RMA it began paying for itself immediately. Our ROI on the product is nearly 15:1 each season. The financial gains alone make licensing it a no-brainer!"
—Jen Buzzell, Director of Marketing, Signature Theatre

"The RMA has already replaced a number of our manually-built spreadsheets and graphs. Processes that used to take us an hour to set up and maintain are now completed in a matter of a few minutes when we let the RMA take the wheel. I don't want to live in a world where I have to build my own Sales Curves by entering data into a spreadsheet ever again!"
—Greg Garcia, Senior Ticketing Services Manager, ZACH Theatre

"While the monetary ROI of RMA just from incremental income alone has been amazing, the overall effect on my team and our workload also cannot be overstated. We now spend our time actually focusing on the data, and taking what we have learned to implement changes instead of spending all of our time just getting to the data to begin with. It has improved the effectiveness of every area of our business, from inventory and revenue management to advertising planning to communications and messaging."
—Chris Marcacci, Director of Marketing, The 5th Avenue Theatre

See how the RMA can help you reach your revenue goals.

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