Pricing consulting

Leverage ticketing data to grow revenue

Looking for great ROI?

Formerly known as The Pricing Institute, we've helped hundreds of cultural organizations of all sizes and genres increase earned revenue through data analysis. Most of our clients enjoy a return on investment of 5:1 or better from their collaboration with us, enabling them to meet and exceed financial and artistic goals through evidence-based ticket pricing strategies.

Pricing Studies

Using ticketing data from your CRM system, we'll engage your stakeholders to establish:

  • Single ticket prices for a season's worth of performances
  • Subscription prices for a full or partial season
  • Other options including "Create Your Own" and "flex" passes.

After an initial pricing study, our experts can help throughout your season in creating revenue management strategies to raise prices and/or offer discounts.

House Scaling

Using the same data we collect for a pricing study, JCA Arts Marketing examines how your house could be scaled to optimize revenue. Our fully customized collaboration will answer questions such as:

  • Where do patrons prefer to sit?
  • Which seats sell first, and last?
  • Why do some sections sell better than others?
  • What messaging is your house scaling communicating to your patrons?
  • How can micro-zoning work for you?

Pricing consulting is just one of several revenue optimization services offered by JCA Arts Marketing

To help your arts & cultural organizations succeed, talk to JCA.