Patron Preference Analysis

Use advanced analysis to engage your audience during COVID and beyond...

Understand your patrons' programmatic preferences and their willingness to pay

JCA Arts Marketing, together with our partners at Baker Richards in the UK, have partnered to provide a cost-effective analysis for organizations looking to re-engage their audience and optimize revenue in the era of COVID-19. This survey-based analysis will help you answer critical questions, including:

The Patron Preference Analysis is suitable for both performing arts and visitor attraction organizations. It can answer these questions and more, providing specific insight into the real intentions of your audiences or visitors. 

The Need for a Patron Preference Analysis 

Due to COVID-19, organizations are introducing a variety of new types of programming—from digital experiences to socially distanced performances and intermission-less shows. But without historical data, the audience and revenue potential of such programming is unknown. The Patron Preference Analysis gives you a predictive model of your audience interest in and willingness to pay for new programming, broken down by segments. 

Additionally, as organizations re-open and hopefully return to traditional programming formats, some customers will be less willing to return to venues and attractions for a variety of reasons. Some will have become acutely price sensitive due to changes in their circumstances, while others may be willing to pay more for something they have come to value even more by its absence. Levels of price sensitivity will vary widely—up and down—by venue, activity, artform, and audience segment.

The Patron Preference Analysis tells you how your customers currently feel about your programming and pricing, providing an essential evidence base for programming (and subsequently ticket pricing) during and after COVID-19.

Our Approach: Conjoint Analysis

This project uses Conjoint Analysis, which is famed for its accuracy in predicting customer responses to hypothetical products and situations, capturing willingness to pay across different segments of your market, enabling you to design the optimal differentiated offers. 

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Case Study: Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

The Patron Preference Analysis revealed wide-reaching insights for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, including patrons’ willingness to pay for digital content, their real intentions about returning to performances in person, and preferences around repertoire, artist, and concert times. Read More

Get Up and Running Quickly

To ensure you can get up and running quickly, the survey uses a standard framework, populated with specific scenarios relating to your venue or attraction—we'll guide you through the process of creating the scenarios. 

We'll construct a survey for you to send to your mailing lists, or we can help you source to external lists. We take care of all secure data collection and analysis. 

The results of the Patron Preference Analysis are tailored to your situation, and unique to your customer base.

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The Patron Preference Analysis is designed with the COVID-19 economy in mind. It is available at low cost, and all data will be analyzed by the JCA Arts Marketing and Baker Richards teams, who will compile a report specific to your organization.

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