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JCA Arts Marketing, a fully-owned division of JCA, collaborates with cultural organizations to increase revenue, boost attendance, and grow patron value. We provide consulting and software services to institutions across multiple genres, including: museums, dance companies, opera companies, performing arts centers, symphonies, and theatres. 

Our services
Pricing Consulting

Optimize your pricing strategy for revenue and accessibility.
We've provided pricing studies to hundreds of cultural organizations of all sizes and genres, helping them increase earned revenue through optimized pricing. We're experts in strategic pricing, including price setting, dynamic pricing, discounting, and house scaling.

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 Segmentation Consulting

Find your best prospects—for attendance, membership, and donation.
Sophisticated audience segmentation strategies allow you to target the right people at the right time with the right message. Without a strong strategy, you might be leaving money on the table.

Through our segmentation consulting, you'll have a clearer picture of your ticket buyers and donors across a number of dimensions, allowing you to build highly effective (and efficient) marketing and fundraising strategies.

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 Audience Research & Analysis

Motivate your customers through a deep understanding of their buying behavior. 
JCA Arts Marketing digs deeper than you thought possible, by analyzing multiple years of customer transactional data and utilizing advanced predictive techniques. You'll have a clearer picture of your ticket buyers and donors across a number of dimensions.

Our clients use our research and analysis expertise to understand existing patron behavior and demographics, and to predict how patrons might behave in the near future. The result? More insightful and effective marketing and development campaigns.

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 Subscription & Membership Consulting

Optimize your loyalty strategy.

Our subscription and membership consulting uses in-depth database analysis and primary research to understand the behavior of your loyal patrons, determine the best loyalty program structure for your audience, and identify ideal prospects for subscription/membership. 

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COVID-19 update

Our consultants are closely monitoring the situation, and are here to help arts and culture organizations get through this!

Visit The Relaunch Center for resources and offerings to help you launch toward a strong future during COVID-19 and beyond.

How we work with you

JCA Arts Marketing prides itself on our longstanding, collaborative client relationships. Our work is customized to match our clients' needs—we avoid a "cookie-cutter" approach. Our clients appreciate a working relationship where projects are done "with" them, not "to" them, where our recommendations are part of decision making they own. It's your success that matters, not ours. Read about our philosophy on collaboration. 

Our clients

We let our work speak for us, and are happy to put you in touch with some of our clients to give you more information on what it's like to collaborate with JCA Arts Marketing.

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