JCA Answers™ Resources

JCA Answers™ Resources

We're dedicated to helping you get the most out of your organization's data with JCA Answers™. Here are some resources we have created to guide you.


Group Training Video: Advanced Formulas

In this training, we go over how to calculate donor retention rate using advanced formulas in JCA Answers™. We walk through how to break apart your existing data, Constituent Record IDs and Gift Dates, to calculate retention rate.



Group Training Video: Designing Dashboards With (Business) Intelligence

This training will cover strategies to help you gain clarity in your dashboard processes and will walk you through ways to ensure that your dashboards clearly communicate what they need to your team or organization. This video training on dashboard design will cover: 

1. Requirements Elicitation and Functional Specification

2. Technical Specification and Dashboard Development

3. Dashboard Review and Acceptance



Documentation: Find out more information about using Sisense technology and creating dashboards.

Press Releases: Stay updated with the latest news from Sisense.


If you have additional questions, contact JCA Answers support or call 212.290.9100.