JCA Answers™ 

Let Data Be Your Guide.

Uncover Revenue Opportunities in Your Data.

Organizations using advanced data analytics see a 126% profit improvement over competitors and are twice as likely to generate higher-than-average revenue growth. (McKinsey)

If you're looking to do more with your organization's data, turn to people who know nonprofits. JCA has translated decades of work with nonprofit technology into a powerful business intelligence tool: JCA Answers.

JCA Answers is pre-configured for The Raiser's Edge and Gateway Galaxy. With JCA Answers software, your end-users will easily find information to make data-driven decisions. Built on a powerful, comprehensive data warehouse, JCA Answers provides dynamic reporting for non-technical users.

With beautiful dashboards, powered by industry-leading business intelligence software Sisense, showing the metrics you need most to track campaigns, you'll have a better understanding of where you're going.

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Take JCA Answers™ with you.


By organizing the data available in your CRM, Answers delivers insights via easy-to-use (and easy-to-share) visualizations and reports. 

Ultimately, Answers gives you new insights about your members, patrons, or donors, so you can make better strategic decisions. 


The Benefits of Answers

The benefits of BI

With JCA Answers, you can:

Visualize your data. A picture is worth a thousand words. Answers provides self-service access to dashboard visualizations that can be shared easily. 

Identify new revenue opportunities. Obtain revenue insights you may have missed in the past. Anticipate donor trends and adjust your campaigns accordingly. 

Get a 360° view of your members, patrons, or donors. Gain a deeper understanding of donor behavior and use your new knowledge to provide customized offers. 

Quit guessing, go deeper.With Answers your decisions will be data-driven, not instinct-driven. Go deeper into the data to start seeing answers to questions you didn’t know you had. 

Track KPIs with alerts and notifications. Set up notifications so you can act quickly when the data hits critical performance indicators. 

Ditch the IT requests. Access key metrics and reports, according to security level, without endless requests to IT to access data.

Learn from other nonprofits. For over 30 years, JCA has been dedicated to helping nonprofits fulfill their mission. JCA is not another BI software vendor—we get it, we've been in your shoes. 

Plus, JCA Answers is quick to install, easy to learn, and intuitive to use.

 Client Testimonials

"The implementation process for Answers was quick, easy, and well organized by their team. In less than a week prior to scheduled training, I was able to start building reports and delivering information to decision makers."

Derek, Visitor Services Supervisor
Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium 

"Answers gives us the flexibility to create the reports we want to see, not what someone else thinks we want It really does give us the Answers – just like the name says."

Ann, Senior Director of Advancement Services
Kennesaw State University

Insights & Ideas

In today's competitive nonprofit space, it's essential to understand your fundraising data to grow your organization's mission. That's why we created a 30-page eBook for you to get the most out of your nonprofit's data on donors, campaigns, memberships, and more.

We've often found that nonprofits shy away from using the term "business intelligence", but BI can provide essential insights for fundraisers to help nonprofits raise the funds they need to fulfill their missions.


Watch a Demo

JCA Answers for Galaxy Overview & Demo: This 10-minute video will provide you with an overview of JCA Answers and its unique features, as well as a short demo. Highlights include:

  • An overview of Sisense, the industry-leading BI tool that powers JCA Answers
  • How to view ticket sale trends
  • How to create widgets and dashboards in JCA Answers
  • How to export share dashboards and reports within (and outside of) your organization
  • Examples of formulas you can easily create in Answers

Watch The JCA Answers for Galaxy Overview & Demo

The Raiser's Edge Overview & Demo: This demo includes a brief overview of Answers, introductions to the most common dashboards, and examples of how organizations are using the BI tool. Highlights include:

  • An overview of four sample dashboards: gift information, membership, proposals, and actions.
  • How to track campaign performance in dashboards with charts, filters, and gauges.
  • How to send automatic reports of information from dashboards.
  • How to add filters to dashboards or specific widgets to see the data you need.
  • Examples of how clients are using widgets to bring in data from other databases.

Watch The JCA Answers for Raiser's Edge Overview & Demo



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