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Let's get right to the heart of your organizational challenges: your data. Messy data can be the cause of a frustrated team, inaccurate results, and slower processes. At this stage of our society's technological age, our teams shouldn't be tirelessly, manually entering data into our data warehouses—especially when the accuracy of that data is crucial to success.

Data decays at a rate of over 22% every year, not just due to inaccurate or incorrectly-formatted information, but also because your constituents are constantly moving, marrying, divorcing, and updating email addresses. These changes make data verification and database cleaning a necessary part of global business maintenance. JCA provides services to fix any part of your data processing: assessing, cleaning, optimizing, and more. See our full list of popular data enrichment services below.

Improve Data Accuracy

Clean, verify, standardize, and complete names, phone numbers, addresses, and emails and match name-to-address to authenticate the identity of a customer.

Address Verification

Validate, correct, standardize, and transliterate addresses in over 240 countries.

Email Verification

Verify mailboxes, correct syntax and domains, and detect FCC mobile domains for full email data quality.

Phone Verification

Ensure all phone numbers are valid and callable. In addition, you can get number geocoding, suggestions, mobile verification, caller ID and more.

Name Verification

Personalize communications, flag fake or vulgar names, and even identify gender with name parsing, determination, and casing.

Enrich Data and Fill in the Gaps

Add missing information for omni-channel success through improved segmentation, insight, and personalization.


Append important constituent information like gender, email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, do-not-call information, and more.


Utilize firmographic data for over 25 million businesses, including: employee size (range), employee sales revenue (range), email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, SIC coding, NAICS coding and contact names/titles.

Social Media

Enhance your data with information from 20 different top social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

U.S. Property Data

Get U.S. property and mortgage data for over 140 million U.S. businesses and homes, including building information, value, sales history, and more.

Find Lost Donors

JCA helps identify movers in your list and updates their address information so you can keep a clean, connected list of customers and prospects.

NCOA & International NCOA

Identify and update your consitutent address changes with 48 month NCOA history. Available for U.S., Canadian, and international change-of-address.

mCOA & pCOA (Non USPS)

Reach the additional 40% of movers who did not report their move to the USPS, with address data going back up to 30 years.

Improve Location Marketing

JCA’s location services help you perform accurate spatial analysis and mapping, as well as improve sales and marketing decisions, through geocoding, reverse geocoding, and IP location services.


Get precise, plotted latitude/longitude coordinates down to the rooftop level.

IP Location

Identify your visitors’ exact location based on unobtrusive IP location.

Reverse Geocoding

Append address data to latitude/longitude coordinates and address key for data enrichment.

Minimize Redundant Costs

JCA’s matching services give you the power to remove duplicates, find near matches, and define relationships between records—easily and quickly.

Survivorship/Golden Record

Determine the most accurate view of every customer—also known as the Golden Record.

Advanced Matching

Dedupe even your closest matches with advanced fuzzy matching algorithms and deep domain knowledge.


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