CRM implementation

JCA has been there, done that.

Wonder what could go wrong?

You’ve chosen your new Constituent Relations Management (CRM) system, and your vendor has mapped out an implementation plan that helps you sleep at night.

Or not.

If you’re relying primarily on your software vendor, you’ve been given a long list of responsibilities, and are probably wondering:

  • Does our staff know how to do this?
  • Do we have enough staff to do this?
  • What if we make a mistake?
  • What might we have overlooked?
  • How can we plan to use our new system when we don’t fully understand our new system?
A great implementation transforms your operations

When done well, implementation can ignite productivity and harness your organization's talent. If you're considering a system change, are in the middle of an implementation, or are post-go-live, JCA can help:

  • Review your implementation budget, timeline, and staffing
  • Analyze your existing IT systems and operations
  • Plan and test new business processes for your new CRM
  • Evaluate and convert your data
  • Manage your implementation
  • Provide guidance for system design and configuration
  • Develop reports and dashboards
  • Document policies and procedures
  • Provide user training

JCA’s independence from any single software vendor has made us the most trusted technology consultancy in the nonprofit market for almost three decades. Whether it’s fundraising, ticketing, membership, or web-based software, we help you implement for today and tomorrow.

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