CRM data conversion

JCA keeps your data safe.

Conversion, or transformation?

Moving data to a new system can transform your organization. When it’s done well, your people adjust comfortably and thrive on the new system. When it’s not done well, you lose revenue, time, and credibility.

JCA has decades of experience converting data out of and into a variety of Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) software systems. We manage data conversion with a collaborative, yet efficient, approach our clients recommend to their peers.

See your data as never before

As your technology partner for data conversion and testing, JCA:

  • Integrates your data impeccably with your new CRM
  • Determines which data does/does not need to be converted
  • Cleans up inconsistent or unusable data
  • Develops mapping documents—where is your information going?
  • Inspires confidence in data accuracy

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