COVID Recovery Program

Launch toward a stronger future, during and after COVID

Working beside you when every decision counts

When every pricing decision, every donation, and every membership or subscription matters.

Our COVID Recovery Program pairs your organization with a small, dedicated team to work alongside yours. We’ll providing rolling business intelligence and recommendations for forecasting, pricing, marketing, sales, and fundraising.

Your team know your organization best, but there’s a mountain to climb to overcome COVID-19 and every decision counts—we’re here to help and support you. Whether your teams have been reduced or are operating at full strength, our team support yours over a timeframe that fits your needs.

Typical services include:

  • Revenue Management support: Advice on pricing, scaling, inventory, discounting and dynamic pricing to maximize revenue from ticket sales.
  • Business Intelligence reports to identify opportunities for targeted action and chart changed audience behavior post-COVID-19.
  • Revenue forecasting and income modelling support.
  • Digital pricing and audience behavior for online experiences.
  • Segmentation for targeted marketing and fundraising campaigns.
  • Subscription and membership program adjustment recommendations.
  • Pricing and presentation of ancillary sales (such as food & drink and gift shop sales) advice, to grow conversion rates and increase income.

Choose the support that’s right for you:

These options are starting points. We work with you to put together a bespoke support package that’s right for your situation and budget.

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We’ll work with you to provide the support you need over the short or medium term. Our goal is to help steady the ship and equip your team to grow revenue in the future—not for you to be dependent on us.

If you would like to discuss how we can help, please click below to contact a consultant—we are always happy to talk. 

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The COVID Recovery Program is just one of several services offered by JCA Arts Marketing to help you recover from COVID-19



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