Business process improvement

JCA brings people and technology together.

Do your goals feel like impossible dreams?

JCA bridges the technological gap between your goals and your processes. When they're connected, staff are proficient, leadership trusts reports, and targets are enthusiastically engaged. You move closer to achieving your mission.

We get right to the heart of your organizational challenges. Backed by nearly three decades of technological and operational excellence, we streamline your processes AND increase member participation and engagement.

Clear roadblocks for better processes
  • Operations and staffing
  • Prospect research
  • Major gifts/gifts processing
  • Donor stewardship
  • Events and education

Our processes are born of direct experience working at nonprofits. We've been in your shoes, and we understand why you do the things you do. JCA helps you:

  • Implement optimum staffing levels and skills distribution
  • Document processes and thoroughly train staff
  • Reduce wasted time and staff frustration
  • Distribute data throughout your organization
  • Improve gift processing and acknowledgment

Contact JCA to bring your goals into reach.