thankQ CRM Consulting

JCA is thankQ CRM's implementation partner

Get a fresh start with thankQ CRM

JCA is the preferred implementation partner for thankQ CRM, the most popular fundraising software in the UK, now available in North America. JCA consultants will ensure a successful thankQ CRM implementation and smooth post-go-live relationship. As CRM experts with decades of experience, we’re uniquely equipped to move you closer to your goals.


thankQ CRM will ignite staff productivity and harness your organization's relationships. For thankQ CRM implementations, JCA will:

  • Review your implementation budget, timeline, and staffing.
  • Analyze your existing systems and operations.
  • Plan and test new business processes for thankQ CRM.
  • Evaluate and convert data from your current systems.
  • Manage your implementation.
  • Provide guidance for system design and configuration.
  • Develop comprehensive business intelligence reports and dashboards.
  • Document new and existing policies and procedures.
  • Train users on how to make best use of the new system.

Make the most of thankQ with JCA. 

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