Abila netFORUM Enterprise

Optimize your CRM with JCA services.


As an Abila netFORUM Enterprise (NFE) implementation partner, JCA brings unparalleled fundraising technology expertise to NFE organizations. We guide your people through processes old and new for smooth operations with your new CRM.

JCA learns about your people and processes to:
  • Plan and manage netFORUM Enterprise implementation
  • Document your requirements and recommend netFORUM Enterprise configurations
  • Develop standard operating procedures and documents for your team
  • Navigate implementation hurdles (staffing, funding, timing)
  • Convert and test your data
  • Train your staff to use the system with confidence
  • Create reports and outputs so you can take action based on key information
  • Streamline business processes to improve your bottom line

Make the most of your netFORUM system with JCA.