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WEBINAR: Prospect Management Systems

Working Together: Building an Effective Prospect Management System 

April 15, 2021

Liz Murray, Senior Consultant
Sabra Aaron, Consultant

Effective prospect management is the cornerstone to your fundraising operations, and key to retaining and cultivating your donor base. It enables you to optimize development efforts and gives all the people who contribute to this essential process the tools they need to succeed. However, teams are often working independently with donors using separate standalone processes, which can lead to lost information, duplicative work, conflicting goals and ultimately mismanaged donors.

You need a standardized system that supports everyone who works with prospects and donors. But how can you balance each team’s needs and design an efficient prospect management system to be used by all?

In our prospect management process improvement webinar, we examine how to align people, technology, and processes to build a collaborative prospect management system that supports your fundraising goals. We’ll explore:

  1. How to understand and balance different team and organizational needs.

  2. Tools and techniques to design a standardized system to maximize your pipeline.

  3. Change management strategies to foster buy-in and teamwork.

JCA Senior Consultant Liz Murray and Consultant Sabra Aaron share JCA’s approach to designing prospect management systems.


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