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WEBINAR: Pricing for Online & In-Person Events

Valuing Art in the Era of COVID-19: Pricing for Online & In-Person Events

August 26, 2020

Jamie Alexander, Senior Manager, JCA Arts Marketing
Jennifer Sowinski, Consulting Analyst, JCA Arts Marketing

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Organizations are not short on plans for online content (for the short-term) and for reopening their doors (for the long-term). A critical piece of these plans is the price of a ticket, which is key to determine both your revenue and your audience’s perception of your art.

In this webinar hosted by Spektrix, JCA Arts Marketing experts Jamie Alexander and Jennifer Sowinski explore how to communicate value and maximize revenue through pricing for online and in-person performances. We review questions such as: How do you price streamed performances and other online offerings, and how do you communicate their value to patrons? How much will audiences be willing to pay for a ticket after reopening? How can you make up lost revenue through pricing?

You’ll come away with basic knowledge of pricing best practices for online and offline content, and ideas for optimizing revenue and value perception through pricing.


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