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WEBINAR: Museum Admission & Membership Pricing

Valuing an Experience: Admission & Membership Pricing During COVID and Beyond

August 20, 2020

Jamie Alexander, Senior Manager, JCA Arts Marketing
David Reece, Director of Consulting Services, Baker Richards

As museums create safe spaces for patrons to return, and continue to develop online content, the big question arising is: “How do audiences value museum experiences in this new COVID world?” The answer to that question will impact the prices of admission, online experiences, and memberships—all of which ultimately affect your bottom line.

How do you, therefore, put a proper price on the experiences you offer that will both engage your audience and help to ensure the long-term financial health of your organization?

In this session, experts Jamie Alexander (JCA Arts Marketing) and David Reece (Baker Richards) explore how to communicate value and maximize revenue through pricing—and the research tools necessary to create an effective pricing strategy. You’ll come away with basic knowledge of pricing for in-person and online experiences, and ideas for optimizing revenue through pricing.


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