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WEBINAR: 2021-22 Season Preparation

Preparing for Next Season: Re-Engage Audiences and Recover Revenue

May 6, 2021

Jamie Alexander, Associate Director, JCA Arts Marketing
Jennifer Sowinski, Consulting Analyst, JCA Arts Marketing


With the vaccine roll-out, spring in full bloom, and an endorsement from Dr. Fauci, we are full of hope that in-person performances will resume for the 2021-22 season. As that time quickly approaches, what can you do now to prepare your marketing team for a successful next season—one with the excitement of reopening but also the lingering effects of the pandemic?

In this webinar, we’ll offer tips to help you re-engage in-person audiences and recover revenue in the 2021-22 season. JCA consultants Jamie Alexander and Jennifer Sowinski will share findings from recent research, and associated action items, on the following topics:

• Segmentation & Messaging Strategies
• Pricing Strategies for In-person and Digital Performances
• KPIs for In-person Ticket Sales

You’ll leave the webinar with a checklist of items to prepare your team with effective and efficient marketing strategies for a successful reopening.


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