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Venue Professionals: Get A Better Work/Life Balance

One month in to the new year, and that resolution for less stress? See ya, bro! It left with the bass player on January 3rd. Now what? Are you resigned to another year of elevated blood pressure?

If you had a goal of establishing a better work/life balance in 2016, hope is not lost. Professionals in venue management often have schedules driven by the demands of performances, events, and more. Ensuring you get time for your personal life can be difficult in this fast-paced environment, but here are some pro-tips from our clients:

Identify the source of logjams. Far too often venue managers rely on their own flexibility to cover when multiple happenings suddenly bleed into each-other.

“Every time we had an overload, I just added the hours to my own schedule. That happened more and more, and pretty soon I realized I had forgotten what it was like to walk my dog in the daylight.” ~ Venue Manager, Midwestern PAC

If that happens to you too often, take this time in the new year to diagnose the source of the chronic overload. Is it differing departments working in multiple calendars? Is it an inability to predict certain types of events, or last-minute bookings added without an understanding of resource constraints? Those logjams escalate an eight-hour day into a 16-hour marathon. If you can identify some of the problems, that’s a good step toward finding solutions … and moving toward better balance.

Ruthlessly standardize. Ad-hoc practices are the enemy of efficiency and accuracy, and the impact is often on your ability to go home at the end of the day. Does your team have to handle a lot of one-off “specials” in their work? Now is a great time to question that.

This year, resolve to create standard processes wherever possible, and minimize the number of times people on the team waste time creating a unique approach. Standard rate sheets, standard booking practices among multiple departments, standard invoices processed the same way every day, one shared calendar … each incremental standardization will net you hours of saved time and energy. And, bonus—increase accuracy.

“By centralizing artist and event info, we streamlined the flow of information between our Programming and Production staff in a way that was previously inconceivable here!”

~Application Specialist at a multi-site venue

Proactively identify trends. Nothing says “brew me some coffee for another late night” like the CEO asking a whole series of musing questions you must scramble to answer after the fact. A venue management professional who demonstrates ahead-of-the-curve thinking, with clear and easy data to back it up, heads off those late nights. And, another bonus, looks mighty smart.

Try leading the conversation with some key metrics like:

  • Most profitable rental types last year
  • Projection of variable costs impact on our margins this year
  • Under-utilized spaces review

Let the tech do the heavy-lifting. This goes hand-in-hand with standardization, because standard processes should enable your technology to start shaving time off your day. Let the system send out advance reminder notices to your renters, queue up your key reports to run and email to staff on a standard schedule. Link calendars to web-enabled devices so you can run the team from home, with your feet up, next to the fire. The more you can lean on your technology, the closer you can come to finding balance. And a better-balanced you means better support for your organization’s mission!

If you are looking to improve how things work at your organization, check out the easy, time-saving features of the affordable, web-enabled solution, Artifax Event.


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