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Tackling Your Organization's Resolutions

What is it about January that makes us want to start over?

There’s something about the New Year that inspires new plans and improvements. While it can be exciting to decide you’re going to deal with some organizational challenges—where do you start?

Some of the questions nonprofit leaders ask themselves include:

  • What holds my organization back from operating efficiently?
  • How have we kicked the can down the road too many times?
  • What frustration from last year do I want to eliminate from my organization this year?
  • What could I accomplish if I resolved (fill in the blank)?
  • Is my staff frustrated with unclear, overly complicated, or undocumented processes?
  • Do we each do things differently when we shouldn’t?
  • Do we blame our fundraising database for our lack of productivity?
  • Is there an easier way?

It’s easy to do this sort of questioning, but it can be difficult to discern the right answers. How can you tell which answer will lead to the best result if you address it? Sometimes everything seems as important as everything else!

It’s also tough to find ways to act on new initiatives without overburdening your staff; the one thing that doesn’t change is the whirlwind of your organization’s daily activity. Every organization has a regular flow of activities that cannot stop, regardless of what initiatives you decide to undertake in the New Year.

This is where JCA can help. We can help you decide on the best initiatives to take on, and we can support your new priorities and your daily operations. You can’t sacrifice one for the other, and you don’t want to overburden staff by just adding new responsibilities to their plates. We can help you identify ways to eliminate frustrations held over from past years, streamline processes to create a more frictionless environment, or resolve challenges that you’ve never had the resources to tackle.

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