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Santa Shares His Secret for Managing Big, Year-End Event

It’s that magical (ahem, “what-were-we-thinking?!”) time of year. The time when your staff is juggling back-to-back Nutcracker performances. Or herding 250 four-year-olds through the annual pancake breakfast with Santa. Or running 10 zillion square feet of train displays in one room, and hands-on Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, La Posada, and Lunar New Year activities in five others.

How are you holding up? Is an easier 2016 holiday season on your wish list?

Have no fear, Santa is here. This incessantly good-natured man must be doing something right to stay so cheerful all season long. And we know what it is. Turns out we’ve got an “in” with him. Santa took time from his busy schedule to share his tried-and-true secret for managing this crazy-busy time of year. 

This incessantly good-natured man must be doing something right to stay so cheerful all season long. And we know what it is.

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Reports are almost as fast as Santa.

“Believe me, over the years we’ve tried paper, Google, and Outlook calendars for scheduling such things as elf hours, reindeer flight practices, and assembly line allocation. What a mess,” said Santa, North Pole CEO.

Santa explained that he and his head elves had no idea what other departments were doing, resulting in toy-line backups and understaffing. A couple years ago, we had a near disaster, with three countries’ children almost not receiving their presents. “We cut that year really close,” said Santa. “Something had to change.”

His North Pole team decided to invest in a dedicated event management program to help them stay organized, increase efficiency, and ensure no child was forgotten.

“What a difference!” said Santa about the program. Since implementation, all crises have been averted. Elves are now scheduled in an orderly fashion, toy lines are utilized 24/7 with no costly downtime, and the sleigh has never once been sidelined due to maintenance issues. “Even the elves love it—they were able to attend 16 gift-wrapping classes this year!” said Mrs. Claus, North Pole COO.

Santa explained that the event management system easily sorts and filters data from previous seasons, running reports in the blink of an eye. “It’s almost as fast as I am,” he said.

“I don’t know what we did without it,” said Santa. “I hear the program will have even more functionality added in the coming year—it appears even my wish list was granted!”


To learn more about how Santa uses the calendar feature of his event management program, take a look at a screenshot of Santa's computer.


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