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Manage my venue effectively

Can you keep the plates spinning at your venue with Excel and Outlook?

Many cultural organizations use Excel and Outlook to manage their venues, and it's not difficult to see why—they are flexible, user-friendly, and your organization is probably already using the Microsoft suite of products. However, they don’t simultaneously provide you with both the big picture and the essential detail for seamless event planning and production in the same way a venue and event management system can.

Without a centralized system, managing your venue can feel like a spinning plates act on the brink of disaster for a few reasons...

Artifax spinning plates blog post-min.jpg

No access to real-time changes and up-to-date information – Controlling different and evolving versions of a spreadsheet can be a nightmare. It's almost impossible to keep track of event changes from version to version.

No coherent structure – It's difficult and time-consuming to put an organization-wide structure around event management in Excel and Outlook. Each department often creates their own documents and calendars using different formatting and layouts, and when departments track details for the various components of the same event in different ways, it's not easy to see the full picture—or to flag when one department’s event might conflict with another's.

No peace of mind – Managing event details in numerous Excel spreadsheets and Outlook calendars rarely helps you feel confident that you’ve remembered all the details that go into planning your event. Even after checking through all shared documents, there is the risk that some elements of an event have not been communicated or documented, and are completely lost.

No organization-wide view – A single source of event information provides statistical data on revenue, resource and room usage, and general event demographics that can otherwise be difficult to assemble and track without a lot of double entry. The reporting capabilities of a venue management system let you both anticipate potential issues like double- or over-booked resources as well as strategize for future seasons.

With ArtifaxEvent, and event and venue management system specifically for cultural organizations, you have the capabilities you need to manage every detail of an event—and the perspective necessary to view the entire picture. 

The plates will still need spinning, but ArtifaxEvent can give you the tools to make sure they don't fall.

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