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How Much Pain Can You Take? Assessing Your CRM Quality of Life

Unless you’ve just successfully launched a new, flawless CRM for fundraising, you’re probably experiencing discomfort with your system on a daily basis. But how much pain is too much, and when do you need intervention via a new system?

If you’ve ever visited a healthcare provider, you’ve been asked to self-assess your pain using a scale like the one below. But what about assessing organizational pain? Take our quiz below and find out if you need professional help. Unlike your human body, you CAN replace your CRM with an entirely new system to improve your quality of life.

Pain Chart compressed.jpg

Give yourself ONE POINT for each “True” answer:

  1. Your system is no longer supported by a vendor, or it has an end date. Even if you’re willing to pay for it, you can’t get support.
  2. No one knows why things work the way they do, and you have little or no documentation. If you have no training documentation, it’s nearly impossible to train new staff.
  3. You’ve built so many customizations you can no longer upgrade, and/or the employee who built the system is no longer available to help.
  4. Your system’s functionality is limited, necessitating workarounds on a daily basis.
  5. Users work outside the system, exporting data to spreadsheets not available to the team.
  6. Your users demand web access, but the system is closed and won’t allow it.
  7. The system is not intuitive. You’ve built processes and policies to protect users from the system, and the system from users.
  8. Your team can’t take on new initiatives because they are always playing catch-up.
  9. Users believe the system’s data is wrong, and you can’t convince them otherwise.
  10. You constantly wonder if things have to be so difficult.
Your score

0-2: Nice low score, although those one or two pain points can still hurt like the dickens! Depending on the issue, there may be some relatively easy fixes to get you pain-free. For example, we’ve helped organizations document their processes, write custom reports that stay within the system instead of on someone’s desktop, and optimize their system to speed up work.

3-5: Kind of like a chronic toothache, huh? You may very well be on your way to a new system. The only way to know for sure is to talk to experts who live and breathe this day in and day out. Even if you’re not ready financially or operationally, we can help. Contact us and we’ll lend an ear!

6-10: Ouch. Run, don’t walk, to JCA for some desperately needed assistance. We have almost 30 years of experience helping organizations just like yours reduce pain to enjoy high quality of life with their technology. Learn more about JCA

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