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Manage my venue effectively

Four Scheduling Mistakes That Cripple Your Venue

Whether you use a paper calendar, online calendar, or dedicated facilities software, your calendar is your lifeline. To successfully manage your venue’s calendar, JCA clients stress four mistakes you should avoid: 

  1. NOT speaking the same language. Instead, take the time to establish an agreed-upon, shared vocabulary to eliminate confusion. For example, is it a room, a space, or a venue? Establish universal terms to describe status, such as tentative, confirmed, cancelled, and deposit in. Publish your “glossary” so everyone communicates in the same language.
  2. NOT defining the process. 
    Instead, invite stakeholders from each department – finance, operations, development, programming, etc. – to help break down your calendaring process into manageable segments, such as inquiry, booking, staffing, and billing. This will help eliminate inefficiencies and duplication of work, and make sure everyone understands their role in the calendaring process.
  3. NOT organizing the calendar. 
    Instead, everything should have its place in the calendar. Decide what goes where, communicate this to staff, and enjoy an easy-to-navigate schedule that reduces confusion.
  4. NOT sharing changes. 
    Instead, develop a method or standard operating procedure for apprising all departments of changes. Team members should ask themselves, “Who else needs to know this?” It’s also helpful to look back and know exactly who did what, when, and why.

If you're already avoiding these mistakes, but lack confidence or are still using too much paper and/or manual processes, consider Artifax Event, a cloud-based facilities management software used by venues around the world. Email us for more information.

Last tip: Track the time you spend dealing with inefficiencies and challenges, then show your Executive Director the hard numbers. Time is money!

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