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Do We Need to Work on Our (CRM) Relationship?

All of the caffeine, motivational speeches and incentive programs won’t make a difference if your major gift officers and other key staff have “troubled” relationships with your CRM system. Here’s what to ask your staff to find out if your CRM system is affecting their productivity:

  • Do you ever re-enter text?
  • Do you lack faith in the system’s data?
  • Are you often confused about where to find the data you need?
  • Are you and your co-workers following different processes for data entry?
  • Are "next steps" for constituents hard to discern?  
  • Are you confused by codes and coding policies?   
  • Do old records still need to be transformed to meet new standards?   
  • Are you confused about policies and procedures to stay consistent?   
  • Do you have trouble generating a report to answer specific questions?   
  • Are you exporting system data to Excel, and manipulating the data manually?   
  • Is “core data” stored in multiple record types?
  • Can two gift officers get different answers to the same question because they are looking in different places and finding data in both places?

If you or your staff answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you may need to take a good, hard look at how you are interacting with your CRM. You may need professional help, called “CRM system optimization,” to get the relationship on track. Learn more about CRM Optimization and what it can do for you.

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