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Critical Steps for CRM Data Conversion & Testing

A good data conversion safeguards your data. An excellent conversion transforms your data, making it easier for your staff to find and use it without missing a beat.

JCA has converted and tested fundraising data for myriad nonprofits since 1988, developing exclusive conversion tools to increase confidence and minimize downtime for our clients. Our transparent, step-by-step methodology, known as "Fido," makes timing and resource allocation a breeze.

Who is Fido?

Fido is JCA’s proprietary software platform for converting data from one fundraising system to another. There’s nothing else quite like it! Our trusted companion for more than 15 years, Fido helps our clients feel confident about moving data, and finding it later using mapping documents the entire team can understand.

  1. Data Analysis - No need for manual manipulation of data with Fido.
  2. Codes Frequency Report (CFR) - With Fido, JCA generates a CFR that is a complete accounting of the data elements in your source system.
  3. Data Mapping - JCA helps your team decide how to map each field, code and value in the source system to the proper place in the target software, including field-to-field, code-to-field, and function-to-field.
  4. Test Conversions - JCA’s Fido generates and stores conversion code for easier conversions. We’ll categorize, validate and annotate each conversion step so programmers and consultants can quickly find and modify specific routines within the conversion.
  5. Source/Target Reports - At the end of the project, JCA delivers complete, searchable documents detailing every coding decision from Source-to-Target, and Target-to-Source, making data simple to find.
  6. Audit Trail - Combined with project planning documents maintained by JCA, this archive can prove invaluable when conversion is complete, to explain how and why decisions were made.