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Manage my venue effectively

Success Story: Celebrity Series of Boston

The Issue

Celebrity Series of Boston is a non-profit world-class arts presenter that does not own a venue. As such, its staff must think creatively to achieve high levels of success with limited time and resources. Prior to acquiring Artifax, the company encountered operational pain points, which included:

  • A lack of a comprehensive event calendar that captured all main stage, community, and fundraising events.
  • Disorganization of the information (schedules, program info, etc.) for each engagement.  
  • No centralized tracking of historical information.


The Solution

After investigating various options, Celebrity Series of Boston decided to use Artifax. Because it can be customized easily in house, Artifax allows the Celebrity Series team to work in the “out-of-the-box” manner that the organization requires. The software support provided by JCA also influenced the team’s decision due to its confidence in JCA’s ability to troubleshoot.  


The Results

Through company-wide buy-in and a series of customized forms and reports, the team at Celebrity Series of Boston is well on its way to solving its organizational challenges by using the Artifax system:

  • The Outlook calendar link allows everyone in the organization to see a full calendar of upcoming performances. 
  • The company’s production schedules and itineraries are now generated exclusively out of the system.
  • Artist payment and contracts are also now executed in the system.
  • The company is close to becoming one of the first organizations in the US to use Artifax Online Program Module.

Additionally, Sarah Cronin, the manager of performance operations at Celebrity Series, says “More and more of my internal colleagues have approached me to expand the use of Artifax in their daily processes. I am confident that we will continue to expand our use of this program into a truly company-wide resource for all users.”


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