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Avoiding Blackbaud CRM Derailment: When Do You Need Help?

Implementing Blackbaud’s enterprise solution, Blackbaud CRM, presents your organization with an opportunity for great success. This crucial software system impacts every area of fundraising. The project duration, cost, and visibility means you do not want to squander this opportunity. So how do you know if you need help?

  1. Your team is already very busy.
    Implementing Blackbaud CRM is a project with a long list of tasks for your team to do. But what about their “regular” jobs? Many organizations simply cannot pull key advancement services staff away from their current work for a project like this. Having some dedicated expertise from a consultant such as JCA can help make the project possible.
  2. You worry about staff turnover.
    Losing one or more key staff in the middle of a Blackbaud CRM implementation can really cripple a project. Assigning JCA experts to project responsibilities mitigates that risk. Turnover may be a curve on the track, but it won’t derail your project.
  3. You have specific concerns about data conversion.
    Data conversion is the foundation on which your entire implementation is built. Whether coming from Blackbaud or a different vendor, intelligent transformation of data is crucial to making your Blackbaud CRM work. Your vendor will need you to map your data skillfully, build thorough testing plans, and execute on testing across your organization. If conversion is important to your project, involving JCA experts can make a big difference in the quality of conversion.
  4. Once you go live with Blackbaud CRM, staff will have to change how they work. A lot.
    Process changes and system adoption can be a challenge in any new donor/member system implementation. If your go-live involves significant changes, a partner like JCA can confidently prepare your team for their new way of working. From process design, to documentation, to helping various roles navigate the tears and joy of changing the daily routine, expert “outside” help can make this part of the implementation smoother.
  5. You’ve never been through this before. 
    CRM implementation is big, expensive project with high visibility throughout your organization. You’ll need to lead your fundraising and operations teams through a process few may have experienced before. JCA’s experts can help spread confidence throughout your organization so everyone achieves the best results.

JCA’s experts can help spread confidence throughout your organization so everyone achieves the best results.


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