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Ask Me Anything: Repertoire Coding

Ask Me Anything Question

"We produce many performances ranging from well-known classics to more avant garde contemporary work. Part of our mission is to get patrons seeing as much of the full range of our work as possible. Is that a worthwhile effort or will people just stick with what they like?"

Timmy's Answer

Title is the number one driver of sales. If a person knows the show or has heard it is great, they will want to go see it. This doesn’t mean that there is no opportunity for future engagement with a slight nudge toward the other work your company does. Have you thought about repertoire coding? Your score could be based on any number of attributes:

  • Seasonality
  • Day of Week/Time of Day
  • Artist
  • Title/Recognition
  • Content/Accessibility

Or many others. Gather some people from various departments at your organization and go through the past few seasons and give each performance a score. Once you’ve done the scoring many possibilities open up for that use. In particular, you could examine each patron’s buying history to see what their average score might be. For example let’s say your rep scoring ranges from 1 (most difficult) to 8 (blockbuster). If you have a performance scored as a 4 coming up, you could easily market to those with an avg. score or 4, but you may want to hit up the 5’s and 6’s to try to push them into slightly more envelope-pushing territory. You could ignore 7’s and 8’s because they probably aren’t ready for it yet. Repertoire scoring can be a valuable tool in understanding how your audience behaves and the best way to market to them, based on their interests, in the future.

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