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Ask Me Anything: Audience Behavior

Ask Me Anything Question

Subscribers are very important to us, so we work hard to get each patron to consider becoming one. But with so much different behavior among audiences, is that a worthwhile effort?

Timmy Metzner's Answer

The Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator Test is probably the most well-known classification of personality and behavior. Among other personality dimensions, someone can either be Judging (approaching life in a structured way, creating plans and organizing their world) or Perceiving (preferring to keep their choices open so they can adjust freely with whatever life will put in their way). We all know people who fit both of those descriptions. There are the planners who maintain to-do lists and have strict rules about their spending, and there are spontaneous people who move through life with less constraint and don’t worry as much about keeping a budget.

Luckily, there are performing arts patrons who exhibit the spectrum of this behavior and organizations should be equipped to serve that range of behaviors. Subscribers are your “Judgers” who know that they are getting the best deal and best seats at the outset and will never miss out on a sleeper hit show. Last-minute single ticket buyers are your “Perceivers.” They’re willing to pay premium prices to make sure they can see what everyone is talking about.

There is no right or wrong to either behavior, but if you are willing to accept those habits, you’re able to maximize on revenue and loyalty. This is often accomplished by offering subscribers a discount up front and by implementing dynamic pricing to single ticket throughout the sales cycle. Identify the patterns your patrons exhibit and then create packages, sales initiatives, and loyalty programs that can match an array of personalities.

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Timmy Metzner | Senior Consultant, JCA Arts Marketing
Timmy Metzner, Senior Consultant

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