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Arts Marketing Against Sanity Part 2– RESULTS!

Last week, we gave you a couple new questions from our favorite game—Arts Marketing Against Sanity. You voted for your favorite answers, and here are the winners!


We're sorry you're hearing this so often! Patrons these days are used to a one-click buy model popularized by Amazon (see Steven Roth's blog about competing with Amazon). With the lack of resources that our nonprofit arts organizations tend to experience, it's often cost- and time-prohibitive to have our dream website. But that doesn't mean we can't make easy fixes to make the experience better for patrons. It's all about simplicity. Keep your purchase path as clear and simple as possible—don't over-explain or add unnecessary steps. Keep those clicks to a minimum. 


Somedays it may feel like the arts are dying, like it's pulling teeth to get people to come to a show, let alone be loyal to an organization. In reality, it's not true. Art continues to be all around, and what will keep our art forms moving forward is innovative, fresh thinking. One thing that will help organizations stay fresh is ensuring that we are nurturing our employees and artists. Give them professional development, create an open and welcoming work environment that fosters creativity, believe in them. There's a great podcast by our friends and partners at Capacity Interactive that addresses nurturing top talent and cultivating leaders in the arts—listen here

Thanks for playing!