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Manage my venue effectively

ArtiFox Sits Down for an Exclusive Tell-All Interview on E(4) News with Sam Burke!

Sam: Good Evening, thank you for agreeing to sit down with me tonight.

ArtiFox: Thank you for having me, I appreciate you accommodating my travel schedule. 

Sam: Not a problem at all! I have heard you are almost always on the go which actually leads me to my first question: How do you…get past TSA? Are you…a carry on?

ArtiFox: I like to think that I am a venue-management emotional support animal which gives me the capability of boarding with the Team in a more dignified way.

Sam: What are some of the places you've visited?

ArtiFox: Oh my…I've been all across North America visiting clients and venues. When I'm in New York I always try to stop by the Guggenheim and The Shed (where I was *quite* the party animal at their opening).

Artifox collage.png


Sam: Would you say you were…in-fox-icated?

ArtiFox: ….maybe you should leave the fox jokes to me.

Sam: *clears throat* Fox and Friends is often seen trending on social media, care to comment?

ArtiFox: Why is it that whenever a Fox is in the news, people assume I know that Fox?? That's like asking you if you like green eggs and ham! I just liked the sound of ArtiFox and Friends as a play on words.

Sam: Can you tell the viewers a little more about your group, ArtiFox and Friends?

ArtiFox: Gladly! The group itself is a way for clients and users of ArtifaxEvent to exchange stories, experiences, and tips! We talk about useful and entertaining things, I highly doubt Fox and Friends does that! Is Fox and Friends a children's show?

Sam: You could say that.

ArtiFox: I'll look it up on YouTube sometime. I don't even have cable, I use my best friend's login for Netflix and Hulu.

Sam: So you have zero affiliation with any of the polarizing political tabloids I've seen?

ArtiFox: Regarding Fox and Friends? Absolutely none, I identify as a genderless, well-traveled, politically unaffiliated fox and I've never been anywhere near the poles. Let alone more than once, I think one visit to the poles would be enough..

Sam: Backtracking a little to one of your prior answers, may I ask who your best friend is?

ArtiFox: I thought that was a bit of a given! The Hound. No, not the one from Game of Thrones (which is a total rip off of Game of Paws if you ask me).

Sam: Alright, final question, where could we find you on a day off? What would you be up to?

ArtiFox: Hmm, hopefully sipping a martini at the groomers watching Animal Planet, I love getting pampered and taking "me" time with my shows.

Sam: Well that's all we have time for tonight, thank you so much for stopping by ArtiFox, it's been a pleasure!

ArtiFox: I'll always make time for the pawparazzi ;) Be sure to join my fanclub on LinkedIn and feel free to reach out about being a part of ArtiFox and Friends. I'll have my people talk to your people! Goodnight!