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2019 North American Artifax User Summit Recap

The 2019 North American Artifax User Summit took place at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts in Mountain View, CA in January 2019. The Summit gathers users from Artifax organizations across the United States and Canada to share ideas for best practices not only in maximizing Artifax usage, but also in managing a venue and promoting events.

Representatives from the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, LA Opera, and the Toronto International Film festivals, amongst many others, were in attendance. The focus of the Summit was maximizing information not just with the Artifax application, but also streamlining process to ensure effective use of spaces within the venues. Artifax holds a wide variety of functions at each venue, but the most common use is as a centralized calendar across multiple spaces for a range of departments. The Artifax Summit sessions provided an opportunity for attendees to discuss the methods of organizing the information captured within the Artifax calendar and educated attendees on further areas of usage such as scheduling volunteers and tracking event programs. Attendees exchanged ideas on reporting options and analyzing data from Artifax on venue statistics and revenue.

Attendees of the Summit said, "I have always found the Artifax User Summits to be very beneficial. While each organization does a lot of different things with Artifax, everything gets me thinking about how we can use Artifax better. Being there with all the other Artifax users reminds me how versatile Artifax is. I love hearing how the JCA Artifax team works with each of us to provide us with solutions to our challenging issues." and "JCA/Artifax hits it out of the park again!! They continue to do such a wonderful job creating a supportive and educational community. Not only are we able to learn more about the Artifax software we use, we also get valuable insights and advice from both the JCA-Artifax Team’s experience, as well as from our counterparts at other organizations, which helps tremendously with our day-to-day effectiveness and success."

2019 North American Artifax User Summit pose with Artifax mascot, Artifox.


2019 North American Artifax User Summit attendees pose with Artifax mascot, Artifox.


Summit attendees pose for a group photo at Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts in Mountain View, CA.



Attendees engage in one of the many sessions at the two-day 2019 North American User Summit.


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