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10 Ways to Prepare for the New School Year

Is it ever too early to start getting ready for the next school year? Not for Higher Ed Advancement professionals! Before you know it, Labor Day will be in the rear view window, new students will be filling up the classrooms, and the academic year will be in full swing. Our advice? Make use of the lazy days of summer to prepare for the fast-moving fall by taking on one or more of our 10 Ways to Prepare for the New School Year:

  1. Update the records of your recent graduates. Change their constituency from Student to Alum, and add graduation date and degree to their records. Careful! If you’re manually entering this data, make sure to standardize formats with your team.
  2. Update the parent records of your graduates, indicating their “former” status—as long as they have no more children at the school.
  3. Import new parents into your CRM system.
  4. Import new students into your CRM system.
  5. Create relationships between new students and new or existing parent records.
  6. Run a duplicate search process on your database to find students or parents with multiple records.
  7. Create and send a survey to recent graduates to gather updated address information and employment status. BONUS: Discuss with your team the process of recurring these surveys.
  8. Run your new parents through a wealth screening service.
  9. Draft and send letters to your new graduates describing the benefits of membership in your Alumni Association.
  10. Send letters to the parents of your new graduates congratulating them on the accomplishments of their children.

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