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At JCA, we're dedicated to serving the technology needs of nonprofits. As part of that mission, we are committed to participating in industry conferences, events, and speaking opportunities to provide our expertise to the larger nonprofit field. 


National Arts Marketing Project Conference
December 7-8
Valuing Art in the Era of COVID-19: Ticket Pricing for Online & In-Person Performances
December 8, 2020 | 2:30 PM EST


Jamie Alexander, JCA Arts Marketing
Jennifer Sowinski, JCA Arts Marketing
Mark Cardwell, Ohio Marketing Association


During the time of the coronavirus, theaters are not short on plans for online content (for the short-term) and for eventually reopening their doors (for the long-term). A critical piece of these plans is the price of a ticket, which is key to determining both your revenue and your audience’s perception of your art. In this session, experts Jennifer Sowinski and Jamie Alexander from JCA Arts Marketing will explore how to communicate value and maximize revenue through pricing for online and in-person performances. They’ll review questions such as: How do you price streamed performances and other online offerings, and how do you communicate their value to patrons? How much will audiences be willing to pay for a theater ticket after reopening? How can you make up lost revenue through pricing? Attendees will come away with basic knowledge of pricing best practices for online and offline content and ideas for optimizing revenue and value perception through pricing.

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