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Since 1988, JCA has helped people capture, manage, and leverage their data. Our CRM services, consulting, and applications support nonprofits, making the world a better place.

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Ask Me Anything: Why Segmentation is More Important than Ever in Pandemic Times

April 7, 2021

Ask Me Anything! Your Arts Marketing Questions, Answered. How should we adjust our audience segmentation as we plan for in-person performances?

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The 5 Key Steps for Successful Project Management

April 6, 2021

Starting a new project at work can be daunting. Questions immediately begin circulating: Where do you even begin? How will you meet the deadlines? Do you have the right resources to be successful? Here at JCA, we’re experienced at managing projects. So we’ve pooled our knowledge and put together this list of five key steps to make your project a success.

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