Segmentation Consulting

Data analysis to inspire your marketing

Want a deeper understanding of your audience?

Through our segmentation consulting, you'll have a clearer picture of your ticket buyers and donors across a number of dimensions, allowing you to build marketing strategies that target the right people, at the right time, with the right message.

We offer four types of segmentation consulting, which can be combined or customized for your organization: 

Customer Behavior Analysis

Our clients use Customer Behavior Analysis to understand existing patron behavior and to predict how patrons might behave in the near future. The result? More insightful and effective marketing campaigns. We've given clients confidence to:

  • Recognize that certain multi-buyers are not candidates for subscription, and encourage them to attend an additional performance;
  • Contact non-recent ticket buyers before they are expected to lapse;
  • Identify the right time to solicit a first-time patron for a donation.
Behavioral Variables

In this added layer to the Customer Behavior Analysis, we probe deeper into patron behavior, to unveil trends and differences of pre-defined segments in your database. 


This is the highest level of behavioral analysis that JCA Arts Marketing offers. We analyze dozens of variables of patron behavior and group patrons with similar behavior into customized segments. This allows you to create targeted communication strategies geared toward the known behavior of distinct segments of your audience.

Segmentation Strategy

In this collaborative consulting project, we work together to design clear tactics, messaging, and timing to "micro-segments" of your database. 

Strategies developed for each micro-segment will influence patrons to behave in one of the following ways: 

  • Come back to your organization
  • Buy tickets earlier
  • Increase frequency of attendance
  • Spend or donate more
  • Increase their party size

The result is an optimized segmentation strategy that will increase marketing efficiency and improve ROI. 

"For several years JCA Arts Marketing has provided the expertise and business intelligence tools we didn't know we needed. With their guidance, we have been able to understand and focus on market segments in a much more specific and targeted way."

 –Tasha Gandy, Director of Finance, Spoleto Festival USA

Segmentation Consulting is just one of several strategic consulting services offered by JCA Arts Marketing.

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