Revenue Management Application™ (RMA)

Real-time insights to revenue forecasting

Leverage Tessitura to boost revenue

The Revenue Management Application (RMA), developed in partnership with UK-based Baker Richards, is the first and premiere integrated decision support system to help cultural organizations make improved pricing and scaling decisions to increase earned revenue. Organizations use the RMA to:

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Guide your pricing and house scaling before you go live

  • Plan more effective strategy, including scaling, discounting and subscription
  • Set up forecasting models to create more accurate targets
  • Spot opportunities for dynamic pricing early, and plan to capitalize on them
  • Gain customer insights, eliminate the guesswork and answer important questions about how customers respond to prices
  • Evaluate strategy and report to managers and boards using all the metrics required, including the impact of dynamic pricing

The RMA is the only integrated pricing application that gives arts organizations real-time insights into revenue forecasting, pricing strategy, and dynamic pricing. We'll help you realize your investment many times over.

Worldwide, more than 80 organizations are licensed to use the RMA.

The RMA is just one of several technical solutions offered by JCA Arts Marketing. Talk to us about everything we do to help arts & cultural organizations succeed.

Learn how to turn pricing insights into revenue with the RMA.