Predictive analytics

Use data to predict your targets' next moves

Wondering what they'll do next?

Rather than looking at historical data for what's already happened or what's currently happening, we leverage your data to predict what your constituents are most likely to do next around membership, donations, attendance, and more. These actionable insights will help you make strategic decisions and develop tactics with confidence.

Transform how you think about data

Predictive analytics can illuminate new pathways for increasing revenue. JCA shows you how to analyze your data in ways you may not have done before, looking at constituent behavior over time to identify trends not readily observable in typical reports and dashboards.

  • Predict giving likelihood
  • Determine the best ask amount
  • Forecast lifetime value
  • Identify your best prospects
  • Predict likelihood to renew
  • Identify the factors that impact renewal behavior
  • Find your best upgrade candidates
  • Determine if your direct mail vendor is working as effectively as possible
  • Identify factors that drive attendance
  • Forecast exhibition lift
  • Evaluate return on third-party discount programs

JCA uses a five-step approach to predictive analytics. First, we make sure we understand your business need—what question do you want to answer? Next, we explore and learn about your data. Even before the third step, modeling, you gain valuable and actionable insights. In the fourth phase, we deploy the model to answer the questions we defined. As a final step, we work with you to leverage insights for better strategic planning.

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